Funds Management & Property Finance

Funds Management

Assets across all property classes are selected only after meeting exhaustive best in market investment criteria

The Principals of Miller Street Partners have vast leadership experience in the funds management and project finance arena.
Miller Street Partners boutique management model delivers a high level of personal service providing investors with direct access to the company principals. Direct accountability and transparency are key drivers of our successful business model.

Miller Street Partners undertake only a limited number of selected ventures each year. We invest in our own projects or in joint venture opportunities that we consider will deliver a high level of investment return (commensurate with risk) to investors.

Project Finance

Funds are managed by our experienced property team and are overseen personally by Miller Street Partners’ Principals.

Miller Street Partners are industry experts in arranging debt and equity financing. Miller Street Partners are active joint venture investment partners with the experience required to be trusted by investment partners and drive the delivery of project strategies to success.

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Miller Street Partners invest in, or supports projects that have strong prospects of delivering solid investor returns over clearly defined time horizons.

Miller Street Partners are able to arrange project or asset funding for property ventures. Principal and preferred equity finance can be sourced through Miller Street Partners for acceptable risk ventures and borrowers.

The Miller Street Partners team brings a track record of experience across all sectors of commercial, industrial, residential and retail project and portfolio investment. This experience gives investment partners confidence that Miller Street Partners all facets of property investment from concept, to funding, to project approval to construction to sale and asset management.